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Financial Analysis

TTThe simple measure of success is profitability. Period. In any business, the goal is to build and maximize profits. This where we start. In our relationship, we seek your feedback on what ratios, calculations and measurements you look at, use and define as areas for improvement. We then use our combined experience and financial expertise to pinpoint breakdowns and highlight opportunities with laser focus on key operational metrics.

Team Member Engagement Study

This is the area that we are so passionate about. We all want the car business to not just survive, but flourish as a service oriented business where relationships build value and customers CHOOSE to buy cars from people...your people. The equation is really quite simple, success and profitability are the result of engaged and enthusiastic customers. Ultimately building those loyal customers is the result of ENGAGED and ENTHUSIASTIC Team Members. We will help you determine if your team is showing up each day and giving 100% of their mind and heart. If they are not (you have an opinion on this right now), we will help you craft short and long term strategic leadership strategies that will transform your culture, your people and guarantee dramatically increased online and in store traffic, sales, service retention and ultimately, repeat and referral business.

Process Improvement

The industry is changing. Customers are changing. Different demographics behave differently and have different motivations, strategies and expectations. If we are to survive and flourish, we must come together and reasonably discuss; based on today's marketplace, technology and customer(s), what steps, actions and processes will best serve EVERY customer from TODAY FORWARD. We will do this with you and your team. We certainly focus on the "blocking and tackling" that has always been a part of the car business. We will then incorporate you and your team's observations, opinions and ideas to design an online, sales, service and parts experience that is second to none...your brand. To your Process Improvement Strategy, we at LEED Performance bring our combined 100 years of retail experience to offer best practices and suggestions, but it is your team that has the final say. After all they are the experts you hired that too often do not receive the recognition, gratitude and respect they deserve. Every dealership is filled with experienced, talented and bright gen y's, gen x's and baby boomers. We help you create the safe and fun environment that invites, validates and includes their participation in designing and defining, best practices, processes and behaviours that the own and commit to being held accountable to. "People do it, when they create it, build it and own it".

Online Training

This one is easy to describe...
150 relevant, in depth, performance improvement lessons for every team member across every department in your store. All offered on-line in a sequential knowledge based manner. Learning in each course is reinforced and comfirmed in a post test evaluation. All activity and learning is monitored by each departmetal manager via an intuitive and simple dashboard demonstrating the progression of each student but most importantly highlighting personal feedback and coaching opportunities managers can offer their team members.

Brand Assessment

Your Brand IS your business. Your reputation and how you are perceived in the marketplace IS who are are. Right or wrong, in the world of commerce today, value is ultimately defined by relationship, the success or failure of any service based business is a result of branding. We work with you to investigate and observe ALL sources of feedback, community awareness, marketing, advertising mix, customer demographics, social media (we demystify this one) and your digital reach..because today, Your PMA or Primary Market Area can be and is everywhere...

Organizational Performance Coaching

Pick your favorite sport, any sport. For me it is Downhill Ski Racing. It is quite interesting that in any sport, when an individual or team wins on one day, the very next day they are out, back at it, with a long day of repetitive practice, a coach by their side observing, strategizing, giving feedback and creating a plan for tomorrow. In other industries, this has been the norm. I am sure you would agree, in our business...the car business, too often this just doesn't seem to be the case. It is through our genuine concern, relationship skills and expert coaching abilities that we assist EVERY member of your team. Focusing especially on Managers. We will cover this later in our process, but the least important thing Managers do is manage, the most important thing is LEADING and COACHING. It is in this premise that our relationship will generate the biggest results for you and your team members. We will work closely with you, one on one, to bring out the best in every team member and guarantee an engaged team that in turn creates engaged and loyal's all about relationships and every sale is personal!

Action Planning & Accountability

When people are a part of the process, when it is reasonable, when they believe in it and know that it will create their own success...the chance of them performing EVERY step in the process are high and success is a given. The LEED Performance team will make sure that each team member understands and celebrates their strength, but we will also highlight areas of opportunity. We will respectfully work with each team member to clearly define the actions steps that must take place to elavate their personal performance and activities that ensure that EVERY step in your stores process is performed and the customers experience is an outstanding one. Milestones will be measure with dates and rewards and/or consiquebnces will be agrees upon to ensure full personal accountability. Nothing is left to chance and there are NO "GREY" areas.

Media Creation & Personal Branding

Your people are your brand. PERIOD. What experience has taught us and customers tell us (social media), is that the biggest factor in a purchase decision is people. Today, facilities, coffee, waiting areas, parking lots, showrooms, bathrooms, etc.. are all, at the very least, comfortable and nice. The elements are the price of entry really. Now more than ever, it is the people on your team and their engagement, personality and behaviour that define sales, service retention, referall and loyalty success. In short, your people and their Personal Brand are the ONLY non-duplicatable asset at your dealership. This product and service we provide ensures that your "Meet and Greet" happens well before your front door, actually at the start of the digital experience. Putting the personal touch and the personality of your people way ahead of your competition and throughout EVERY customer contact point in the customer lifecycle. With our service, "Sell Yourself then the dealership" happens at the GOOGLE search bar!